Hound head - flat note (box of 8)

American Foxhounds are sweet-tempered, athletic, independent, and an easy-going breed.  They came from England to the United States in the mid-1600s - bred for hunting, field trials - they love the outdoors.  A pack hound, they do well with children and other animals and have a musical bark that can travel miles.  If they catch a sent....off they go!

This handsome hound is sure to delight you as you hand-write your personal note AND charm the recipient as they unveil the hound tooth lined envelope to reveal this regal fella. 


  • Box of 8 flat notes - letterpress and digitally printed on 100% recycled card stock
  • Envelopes are hand-finished: hand-lined and hand-embossed
  • Hand-drawn/painted - illustration and hounds tooth liner by artist Clare Schaumann
  • Box is a custom eco-fiber wrapped base with a vinyl lid - our logo in silver foil

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Box of 8 Correspondence/flat notes


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